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This afternoon, I promise to pick Hatif and Farhana for their outdoor portraiture. I’ve planned to take them to Sg Lembing. However, on our way to Sg Lembing, around 3-4km from Gua Charas, rain start coming down.

Pull over and discuss with the newly weds, they agreed to go to Taman Gelora. I said, we will shoot at few more location like Telok Teruntum and Tanjung Lumpur, fisherman jetty.

Around 4pm, we arrived at Taman Gelora and I start shooting right away, afraid the wind might take the rain to our location.

Hatif and Farhana, they were so energetic and committed, photograph them was so easy and fun. However, Farhana call it off before we could go to other location and, kebetulan pulak, coincidently, the rain start pouring short after..miracle?

Here’s some of the photos i took earlier.

Enjoy. Congratulation to Farhana and Hatif, wishing you the best in life and God bless you.

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