Our Future In Their Hand….

” Lari!!! Lariii!! ” ” Panasss! Panassss!!! ” Siapa lagi kalau tak budak2 tadika yang comel2 belaka. Duk gambar ramai2 kepanasan bawah terik mentari. Tgk la diorang menciput lari lepas shooting. Hahaha. Kiut 😀 Gezzeg @ Ahmad Ghazali Ahmad Tajuddin 0199982092

Hani Muhammad

Heyy fellas!! Gezzez Kiddos are back with new dimension and new perspective! Fully covered by Little Mulan- Gezzeg Team. Catch her new release on http://littlemulan.fotopages.com. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email or ring us to find out our new promotion. Come and join us now!! It’s maybe just a one minute smile, but let […]