The History

Gezzeg In ActionGezzeg, a regular guy, the founder of Gezzeg Photography & Design starting serious in photography in the middle of 2005 as a hobby somewhere in Kuantan. Through a free, well known photo blog website, a hobby that firstly without any intention to provide paid services slowly attract several customer for photography services. So, slowly the journey begins, but the services can be considered as welfare as we are new, untrained and inexperienced. We just enjoy our time to shoot and share.

By 2007, serious step taken as more and more enquiry for quotation. A marketing plan is up and run. Many task received. So far, till now all target achived. All mission end successfully. The appreciation and great feedback from all viewers especially customers superbly encourage us to do more and better, task by task. Thanks to all supports, advices, comments and critics by all visitors, customers and friends.

By 2008, with more challenge expected to face out, Gezzeg Photography & Design is registered and new vision and mission is set up. Now Gezzeg Photography & Design is powered up with new energetic, creative and passions members in the team.

The Team


Sit From Left: Fardlie / Gezzeg / TomRamzul

Stand From Left: Roboyo / Yus / Mirul

Now & Future

We consider ourselves as young ambitios potential entreprenaurs, now Gezzeg is not just providing services for Photography & Design,  as our ambitious vision and mission is still  growth, also the passion and customer confidents is increasing rapidly through the journey, it is so fun keep on receive and searching for new opportunities. What we can say is, we aim to provide more services soon! We are working on it!

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